Go beyond broadband with OHANA Leased Line

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Rock solid reliability - we aim for 99.99% uptime

Unlimited use - no restrictions

Only pay for the bandwidth you need

24/7 support


Dedicated line

with 1:1 fully uncontended service contention your office gets a private line so you never share the bandwidth with our other internet users. This allows you to plan the performance of your applications with full confidence.

99.99% target availability SLA

We recognise the internet is critical to your business and offer a market-leading service availability.

Guaranteed symmetric download and upload speeds

Symmetric means your download and uploads speeds are the same. Essential for uploading to the cloud, web hosting, streaming, sharing large data files and using VOIP.

The bandwidth depends on which Leased Line you opt for:

Ethernet First Mile Access Leased Line 2Mbps to 30 Mbps

Generic Ethernet Access Leased Line 2Mbps to 35 Mbps

Ethernet Fibre Leased Line 2Mbps to 10Gbps

Ability to flex your bandwidth up and down

Change your bandwidth to suit your seasonal business demands and control your costs by only paying for the bandwidth you need.

You can flex bandwidth within the capacity of your bearer circuit (this is the maximum bandwidth that you’ll ever need that we agree when you buy your leased line) with only 72 hours’ notice. Your rental charge will change on a pro rata basis for the period of flex, so you can pay less in quieter periods.

Unlimited usage

There is no fair usage policy; you can use as much data as you like.

Fully managed CISCO router

Comes with engineer installation and an option for ‘wires-only’ if you prefer to manage the routing in-house.

Support 24/7/365

Technical support for your Ohana Leased Line 24 hours a day online and free helpdesk.

Even with our 100% target availability, things can go wrong. On the very rare occasion this happens, we aim to fix faults within 5-7 hours from whenever your report them (day, night, or weekend).

Unlimited IPV4 & IPV6 static addresses

For servers, websites or FTP hosting, you’ll need one of these.

A static IP address is unique, does not change, and will enable you to:

  • Connect to your computer from anywhere in the world
  • Run your own email server (and associate it with your domain name)
  • Point domain names to your servers and equipment
  • Set up your own secure Virtual Private Network
  • Run your own website and FTP server
  • Run CCTV off your network Unlimited static addresses are subject to internet regulations.

Online reporting on network performance

Monitor online bandwidth utilisation and published network performance.



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